Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Yet another totally random picture from Italy. Rome this time. :-)

So how are you all liking this post everyday thing? Don't get used to it. :-P

Anyway, I was told today that I am hilarious, that my blog is hilarious, and that I was crazy to ever assume that I was too serious. That makes my heart soar. Thanks Jen! I think now I'm just getting intimidating. Hahahaaa! Intimidating in a crazy, bizarre, out-there kind of way, I suppose. I really did think for a while there that I was too introverted. With some people I still am. Gotta work on that. :-D

Flute was awesome, by the way. I'm working on a new piece called Kiyotaki-Gawa, which is is basically about a Japanese river, and it is faaaaaabulous! Just loving it. So sad Marianne's car was buried. I missed trio!

And...I have the Bee Gees stuck in my head. My Mum can attest, I'm sure. We're doing Too Much Heaven in choir, and I love it. Never thought I'd actually say that about the Bee Gees, but it's a gorgeous arrangement, and I'm having so much fun!

"Nobody gets...too...much heaven no more...its...much harder to come by, I'm waiting in line...Nobody gets...too...much love' high as a moun...tain...and harder to climb, You and me girl, got a lot of love in store, and it flows through me and it flows through you........"

So so cheesy!!! But fun. Anyway, it makes me happy. :-D Yay! We're also singing Send in the Clowns, and an absolutely stunning arrangement at that. Love that song!

Well, pointless post, I know, but I'm into it lately. Forgive my craziness. It's just my natural hilariosity. :P /sarcasm!


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Idzie said...

Hey, craziness is a good thing! :-D