Thursday, February 12, 2009

Lookin' good. :-)

So...things change, no?

First off... I got glasses! Mostly for reading/computer/music, as my distance is still perfect, but my eyes were getting so tired! So here I am, in all my glory, wearing glasses.

And just for a quick trip down memory lane... looks like I am on the home stretch with the braces! Compare January 2008 to February 2009...

Is my face not awesome?

I'm happy. :-)



Idzie said...

*Grins* Looking good! Nice glasses. :-)

Mariah said...

Love both of 'em! :D

Johanna said...

I have Braces Too! I have had them for a year now, but I still have another year to go! Your Glasses look real pretty on you! And so do your Braces! I love your blog and I am now your Follower!

Anonymous said...

Fabulouso maximoso!!
You're the only person I know who is stunning in their glasses and braces! Wish that I had before and after photos of MY crazy teeth when I was your age. J. :>)

beautifulgraceblog said...

I like the frames... Very stylish. And they match your hair and beautiful gray/green eyes. (I am horrible at eye shades.)

Your braces are great too! How much longer? I'm hoping to get mine off before 17!