Thursday, March 5, 2009

Beautiful Performance!

Last night our little trio performed again. And a reasonable audience of 50-ish people too! Enjoy these few photographs!

Sound-check and having fun playing random things on the awesome D Steinway. *melt*

Gosh that thing is fun to play. It was beautiful and silky and smooth, and the action was...mwah! Wonderful! *gleeful grin* And I actually got to accompany for one piece so I got to perform on it! Yeeaaaaahhhh!!!

In the dressing room being ridiculously silly... :-P

On stage. Don't we look dashing?

Oh-so-glad that we're done. Relief and re-living sets in.

And today is the most gorgeous, sunny, clear, crisp, springy, happy day, that nothing yesterday matters anymore. I worked this morning, I went for tea with my Mum and ran into Marianne while there, I came home and sang, I had piano lesson (and was actually really prepared!!!) and sang some more and then I went to voice and felt exhilarated and then danced outside her house under the big trees in the wind.

Off to practice the piano.

Taking a deep breath of fresh air,


Idzie said...

Lovely pictures! :-) And that does sound like it's gorgeous outside where you are... I'm spending to much time inside lately!


Cowgirl_E said...

Fun! And fifty people! woohoo! Someday I'm going to come to one of your performances. =)

Jen Cluff said...

These photos are hilarious! I'm so glad you *did* get one taken of the dressing room antics. I swear that those moments ARE the memorable ones. Once you're on stage you can't remember a thing! hahhahaha!! GOOD SHOW!! Jen :>D

Mariah said...

Great pictures! :) Looks like fun, at least to me, since I'm not doing it. :P That sounds like a wonderful day, it's been really nice the last few days here too. Today it's supposed to get up to about 27*C. But, it's going to start cooling down the next few days.

Sheila said...

27 C*????? Wow. That's insane! :-)

Mariah said...

I know! It's awesome though. :) I loved driving around today with the windows down and the wind a'blowin'. lol :D

beautifulgraceblog said...

ooo... Yay for beautiful pianos! (and beautiful flute players.)


Lorraine said...

It was great! So proud of you and the gals!!
I think that dancing under the trees etc. are some of your most important moments - don't stop!

Love ya,
Mum :-)