Saturday, March 14, 2009

A day in the life of Sheila

So Maria recently did a cool post about what she does all day. I am going to do one too, except Sheila-style. I technically made a schedule for myself last week, and you know what? I used it for a whole day. And then things changed, as usual, so I gave up on it. This is yesterday and the day before, to the best of my remembrance.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

8:15 - Excavate my self out of my extraordinarily comfortable bed, realizing I have to be at work in 45 minutes. I was out late last night with performing and eating cheesecake. Get dressed, eat breakfast, grab my glasses and a book and head out the door.

9:00 - Arrive at work and set up the daycare. Read some required reading. Play with tiny munchkins for over an hour, and then clean up.

11:15 - Go by the Post Office to mail a couple important things.

11:30 - Arrive home and put my coat over the back of a dining room chair. I'm not feeling very good, physically, so I head to the computer for a few minutes, and then eat some soup while I watch a silly show we rented from the library.

1:30 - I'm starting to feel a little better (pills kicked in) so I head to the living room and do a bit of singing.

2:00 - Practice piano for 45 minutes and grab my stuff so I can head out the door to voice lesson.

3:00 - Arrive at Rosemary's and I find out that she just got suddenly hit with a really bad dizzy spell and is feeling sick. My Mum's car has already gone too far down the street, so we just sit inside listening to my recordings of the choir performance the night before. She feels sicker, so she leaves me to let myself out of the music studio.

3:30 - I arrive home, check my email, blog, and facebook. Then I read some required reading in my Birth Partner book.

4:30 - Practice piano for 2 hours, with a few breaks for sanity, as I'm feeling a bit weak today.

7:00 - Supper.

8:00 - Watch another episode of the library-rented show.

Later. Read. Go on the computer. Tumble into bed late and still can't sleep for another hour or two. It is laaaaate, as usual. :-)


Friday, March 13, 2009.

9:00 - Wake up. Sort of. Dress, breakfast, short prayer time.

10:30 - To the piano for an hour. Then I got caught up in the discharge sheet from the hospital where I was born and were my Mum almost died. My Mum goes out and I sit there at the piano examining this sheet of paper which supposedly has all the answers to why I am an only child, but it still doesn't make any sense. I understand all the lingo, but I'm not getting anywhere. Something is wrong with this picture. I look up to see if the doctors that had been present are still working at that hospital in Switzerland, and they are. My Dad comes in to make some tuna salad for his lunch, and I quiz him a bit. Then I check a book I have from the library, and get a few more medical answers, but no good solutions.

12:00 - Practice piano for another hour. I actually only took one or two breaks this time. That's pretty good, but I keep writing letters to the doctors in my head. Hard to concentrate.

1:15 - My Dad is out, so I make myself some lunch. I'm boiling some apples and blueberries and beating some soft tofu. I take out some frozen raspberries and scatter them over the drizzled tasty tofu-fruit-y-ness. Eat. Then I clean up.

2:00 - Back to the piano for another hour.

3:00 - My Mum comes home, and I have a tiny open-faced peanut butter sandwich. My lunch wasn't very big. I take a break for a half an hour.

3:30 - Check facebook. Get stunned. Run to my room and read some important parts of important books, read my Bible, pray intensely. Take a deep breath. Chat with my Mum. All's well. Just grew up again!!!

5:00 - Back to the piano for an hour.

6:15 - Hug my Daddy. Chat, chat, chat.

7:15 - Supper. Clean up.

8:20 - Watch a nice movie.


Idzie said...

Lovely to *hear* about your days! :-) Busy, eh? I wish I had that much going on!


beautifulgraceblog said...

Fascinating! :D