Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Life is Amazing

Just a quick little post to say that I am undeniably happy. I must be like...I don't know, what do they call it when you can spiral down into a pit really quickly, but can also get high and happy really easily? Whatever it is, I'm that. I've been up and down quite a number of times already today, but I can definitely say this is as high as I've been all day, and it makes me very happy. I just feel joyful.

We just had a Bible study, and you know what? God is pretty amazing. His bigness and amazing-ness, and the fact that we are all His Creations, and that He loves every one of us and wants every one of us to love Him always astounds me. God is good.

Life is big. I've just had a bizarre and totally cool, yet sort of expected event happen, and I'm kind of thrilled. It's scary but exciting. It seems every day my little dreams just get a bit bigger. I think I'm the kind of person where I have these huge dreams that don't seem very important to many people, but will end up being radically life-changing for a whole ton of people. Plus, tiny houses in the woods are stupendously cool, and that is truly my dream.

Picture this: A tiny little house in the woods, mostly solar-powered, one bedroom, a lovely little kitchen, a wood stove and a big, big piano in the corner. Passive-solar heated, so big windows to the south, maybe a cob floor, and outside those windows, deciduous trees and the biggest vegetable garden you've ever lain eyes on. Space for people to visit me and camp out. Space for additions. Space for little children that will eventually pop up to run around and be free and learn and experience life. People of all walks of life being inspired to sing and make music, and to share humanity together. People being encouraged in their faith in God, their walk, and their life. Through sunshine and rain, hard work, laughter, tears, frustration, and teamwork, building a life that is worthwhile. I'll do that any day.

And if my tiny-come-big dreams don't turn out, I can sit down at the piano and play them, and in that way, I can share every word with the whole word, and they will all be able to understand!!! I can sing them with all of my soul, and pour every emotion out in the vibrations of the sound, floating across the breeze.

Somehow. Someday. Somewhere. There is a time and place for whatever life may bring.



Miriam Rebekah said...

I think bipolar is the word you're looking for at the beginning. =)

I always enjoy reading your blog. It's like a breath of fresh air.

Mariah said...

Ah! I felt like that just last night! I decided to do something that you might do. I went outside after dark and walked in the cool breeze, then climbed on top of the barn to look at the stars. It reminded me of you. :)

Cowgirl_E said...

Exciting. =) I miss you a lot. It's been awhile since we chatted, yes? Maybe soon.

Sheila said...

Miriam, nope, that's not it. I may be thinking of manic depressive. I've known some bipolar people, and it can be oh-so-scary! Thank you!!!

Mariah, awww... I wish i could have been there.

Erica, yeah, we totally need to chat! Give me a call sometime!!! :-D

Idzie said...

Isn't manic depressive simply an older term for bi-polar...? I know a couple of bi-polar people too, and it can be extremely hard...

I love reading your always passionate posts. :-) My vision of the ideal community is slightly different, but we're basically on the same page here. I really hope we can both achieve our dreams of sustainable communities, actual communities where people love and support each other, not what passes for community in too many places right now. I know it can be done!


Sheila said...

Yeah, it basically is, but the original point wasn't that I actually was whatever we are talking about, but that I'm weird. Ha! :-D

I'd love to hear your ideals/ideas sometime! :-) Actually, I'm really fortunate, because I've seen that community in action. I just have to get up the guts to become part of it.

Elijah Lofgren said...

"Just a quick little post to say that I am undeniably happy.
Somehow. Someday. Somewhere. There is a time and place for whatever life may bring.

Amen! Thanks for posting this! I'm crazy happy too. I'm looking forward to some possible big changes too. :) But even if things don't turn out as I'd like, I trust God to work out what He wants in His time.

beautifulgraceblog said...

Little houses in the woods or alternatively, in the mountains, are the best.

Do I know why you're happy?


Sheila said...

Maria, partly that, yes, but partly just an undeniable random happy spell. :-) Comes and goes throughout the day. :-)