Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Photo Tag

Go to your photo's folder on your computer. Go to the sixth folder of photo's. Go to the sixth picture in that folder. Put that picture on your blog, with a description of it. I don't really feel like tagging people, so just do it if you feel like it! Taking this tag from Idzie.

This one showed up sixth from the internet. It's all the actual performers at the James Galway International Flute Masterclass last year, plus Galway himself. Can you spot me?

Just for good measure, because it's cute, this one showed up sixth when I looked from my documents. It's me eating some absolutely huge pizza in Sienna. Check out the reflection of a building behind me. Cool eh?



Mariah said...

Haha, I love the pic of you with the pizza. :) And I like it when I see pics of you wearing that skirt. :)

Cowgirl_E said...

Fun tag! That picture of you with the pizza is hilarious. =)

Sheila said...

Thought you'd like that Maya. :-D In Sienna, too!

Alexandra said...

You are truly blessed to have performed with Galway. I remember I saw him live years ago, and I never forgot the feeling that I was in the presence of expanding beauty just washing over the audience. (If that makes sense!) He was amazing. Interesting post - and Sienna too! I can see the Piazza del Campo in the windows reflection with the Palazzo Publico (the cool medieval building). Nice post!