Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Story of Stuff

You have to see this!!!:

The Story of Stuff



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the "stuff" link.
Funnily enough, I've been living this "low-consumer, don't believe the hype" way for most of my life!
Now it turns out it *was* right! YAY!!! thanks for this. J.

Mariah said...

Wow, that was interesting! Very eye opening! I didn't know much of that.

Sheila said...

Jen, I miss you!!! Yes, more and more I'm coming to see that living in a way that seems crazy to the world is a heck of a lot better. :-D

Lorraine said...

Yup, sad but true. I'm on a get-rid-of-stuff campain myself, and I don't want to replace it with more. Three good books on this topic:

Living More With Less by Doris Janzen Longacre (Author of More with Less Cookbook - I also like the Extending the Table one that is more ethnic foods).

Living More Simply, by Ronald J. Sider (I need to re-read this, haven't for a while), and

Rich Christians[and others, I may add] In an Age of Hunger, also by Sider

Excellent topic Sheila - we should continue to search for more ideas, guideance from the Lord, and the will to do the things that make our lives simpler, more cost effective, and more importantly, reflections of good stewardship to which we have all be called to by our Heavenly Father. Shame on us for the ways in which we have ignored these things.


Lorraine said...

and....I should learn to spell "guidance"!! sheesh! :-)