Sunday, April 12, 2009


Here we are again! It's Easter! It's Spring! It's a time of abundant blessing and rebirth and joy, and exuberance! I went for a walk today, through the woods in bare feet, marveling in all the joy and birth and life around me. Everything is so perfect and beautiful in nature. Somehow even getting feet torn by thorns is...wonderful! It is the day our Saviour rose again, and I'm seeing that symbol of rising absolutely everywhere!

You know, I was going to write some wonderful post, but I can't quite get it on paper. In any case, while I was on this walk today, I spoke aloud a poem, and I walked for over an hour, speaking this poem. It was perfect, and it flowed from me so freely. I captured just a tiny, tiny taste of what happened within my soul as soon as I came home. And then the inspiration left. I hope I can capture some of that pure artistry again. It was incredible. And so I leave you with this tiny, tiny glimpse inside my soul this afternoon.

Infinite Reality

By Sheila, Apr. 12, 2009

I looked upon this hidden street,

A quiet thoroughfare,

Silently, barefoot toes do meet,

This muddied war with air.

The spirits of the trees and faintly whispered names,

They find me lacking nothing,

Though I, my thoughts let loose,

cannot perceive all that they say.

Each tiny bloom and bud of spring,

I see it with new eyes,

As I, with love and reborn soul,

All my joys and beauties bring.

Into this gentle wood, of faeries and childlike smiles,

I find myself in awe of every swaying branch or tiny bud,

Still, it seems that all the while,

Death has shown its sleepy face,

To me, to everything around.

And yet, this beauty is quite infinite,

This life an unending circle of joy, and peace, and hope.

Each death and life a step in every journey.

I cannot quite define this hope, this trite infinity,

How every thing in quiet generosity,

Accepts the task of making all reality,

Just one more tiny part of our humanity.

And that's that.

All my love,



Mariah said...

Beautiful! Easter seemed to slip by me because of the wedding the day before. Everyone was to wore out to do much of anything yesterday. :D

Lorraine said...

Great post!

For you have delivered my soul from death, yes, my feet from falling, that I may walk before God in the light of life. Psalm 56:13 ESV


Idzie said...

That's beautiful Sheila!

beautifulgraceblog said...

I like it. You do something with the words that I can't.