Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Extraordinary Cuteness Factor!!!

So, my apologies for my lack of posting, but my 17-year-old self has been CRAZY busy!!! What with actually having friends (What? Yes!) and choir and music, and workshops and studying and practicing and teaching, working, interviews of all kinds, CPR re-certs, and actually getting hired as a lifeguard and swim teacher (What? Yes!!!), I haven't had much time for posting. However, I was at work today, and I built a tower out of mega blocks with a tiny munchkin S. :-) Tiny munchkin O. watched from the sidelines, draped over the side of the mat. Very, very cute. I realized that this was a fabulous photo op., but I didn't have a camera! And then the lightbulb came on... I had a cell phone with me! Out popped my Mum's 'cool green cell phone', and some not-so-great pics were snapped. Enjoy!!!

Hey! Look at that! A Dr. Suess tower! Note the cuteness of the napping Munchkin O. on the right... :-)

Good work, Munchkin S.! It's almost as tall as you!

Uh...you're in front of my tower, girlie...

Check out the marvelous-ness of the top! And note the cute little almost-two-year-old arm adding stuff on the right... :-)

Ah! She moved!

Ahhhh...fall down go boom!

Good job Munchkin S. Rebuilding is the way to go. :-)

Hugs to you all!!!



Mariah said...

Aww, very cute! Yeah, sounds like you're pretty busy there! :D

Idzie said...

Congrats on the new job! :-D And what adorable pictures! :-)

Lorraine said...

Ah yes, the sublime to the ridiculous in just a few short months! :-)