Thursday, April 23, 2009

Isn't it?

Isn't it strange, how fast a year goes? Isn't it funny how slowly days go by?

And isn't it absolutely amazing, when you realize you're in a new stage of life, a new moment, an awakening? Or when, in the midst of all the newness, a seemingly insignificant question is posed, and you realize the only answer to your lack of participation is simply because you haven't done it before? And that haunts you.

But isn't it beautiful, to be loved by someone, and to look up, and see the sun, and feel the breeze pass through us? To see the tiny flowers, or take some hidden rural road behind the bustle of town? It keeps me thinking.

When it doesn't matter that I'm tired, or that I just want to sleep. When I don't mind being overly warm or overly cold. When it doesn't matter that I'm hungry, or that my hand is sliding in it's sticky sweat. Isn't it grand?

Isn't it wonderful to make music with people, or just to sit and watch some spraying water move along with the tunes being made? I love the feeling of that smile that settles neatly across my face. Or sometimes to walk alone, in silence, or alone with a rhyme in your mind. Or, of course, to walk, two, side by side but alone, each in a thought world far removed.

Isn't it wonderful, to spend a day hard at work, to look up and think, at any given time, that there are people in this world that love you, and people that want to spend time with you? That there are communities of music and joy that you are a part of?

Isn't it?

That's me.



Mariah said...

Yes!!! It is wonderful! I have been thinking along those lines lately, myself. That is written beautifully! :D
"Isn't it strange, how fast a year goes? Isn't it funny how slowly days go by?"
--Ha, yeah. I was just thinking how fast this year is going by...and how the last couple of days have been going REALLY slow! :)

Sheila said...

"Isn't it strange, how fast a year goes? Isn't it funny how slowly days go by?"

It's a song! Actually! :-)


marshtarne said...

I wrote those lines one night while Sheila and I were talking. It was around the time of her Birthday, she was reminiscing, it was cute

Sheila said...

Marshtarne! Yay! (That's Michael, by the way. And Michael is my lovely bf! Hadn't mentioned names on here before. Yay!)

Idzie said...

Beautiful. This post really resonates with me, and it's absolutely wonderful to hear how happy you are! :-)