Sunday, April 5, 2009


Almost 3 years ago, weeding broad beans.

Sunshine is good for my soul. It's been sunny here lately. And windy. That goes for my life as well as the weather. But isn't sunshine good for the soul? And laughter for the heart?

The other day I finally got around to getting into the garden, and got some dirt under my fingernails. It felt so good. I weeded, and transplanted, and watered, and nourished my own soul in the process. It's good to spend some time with God in nature sometimes.

And when the clouds come, we must rise above that, right? I can learn to look beyond. I can cry, and move on. It's all about the little moments of sunshine, and learning to love the rain. For the rain brings new life, and rainbows.

Sheila Christine


Mariah said...

Yes! Sun is wonderful! :D

Lorraine said...

I'm loving the sun shine too! Wind is good for us as you say: makes our roots cling more securely to the solid foundation. Happy digging! :-)

Idzie said...

Ah! I seem to have missed this post somehow, which is why I'm only commenting now... It is lovely to spend time around growing things. :-)