Sunday, May 10, 2009

Where is my life taking me?

Please tell me where my life is taking me. When I lie there, so small, shivering, afraid, so vulnerable. Where is my Creator taking me? When I wake up to a sunrise of amazing grandeur, and spend the day with my toes in the dirt. Where will my life go? When his arms are wrapped around me, and I feel so safe. Where am I going? When the questions come at me with such speed, and I feel so unsure. Not confidant. So afraid. So small. Please tell me where my life is taking me.

Oh, God, you amaze me! When I look into the sky, and know the only light is from your hand, your creation, not streetlights, but the glory of the moon. Oh, fine Creator, you delight me! When I stand on the grassy midden, looking out over the most magnificent beach I've ever seen. The fine ocean spray, the bright green of the islands, the vivid blue sky reflected in the sparkling water, the unending horizon, the glassy bays, the rolling, white surf, all pouring forth praise to the Supreme One.

Please tell me, where is my life taking me? When I suddenly realize how fast everything has changed. When I suddenly realize how fast my life will change! I am so excited, and I am so scared. I feel so tiny, and yet, I'm not alone. I'll never be alone. My God is with me. And now, I am not alone in this world either. So where, where is my life taking me?

What a mystery to be solved, and it only shall be by living this life that has been given me. I'm setting forth on this journey, this exploratory life, always exploring. Always learning. Always praising. Always loving. Always serving. Always living!

All my hugs in ten-thousand sparkling bubbles,


Mariah said...

The greatest thing is just to know that we're not along... Sometimes I may feel like it, but I know that God is always there, guiding me along. When did life become to complicated? I guess we're growing up!
Love you!

Lorraine said...

Lately the Lord has been reminding me that He gives us just one day at a time - for good reason. One day at a time to love those he puts in our paths, to show kindness, to deal with difficulty, to praise Him and to be used to minister His goodness to those around us. One day at a time to obey, to serve, to give, to worship, to think, to love, to bear good fruit - to live. Put your hand in His, your life surrendered, moment by moment, and He will make of your life, a wonderful tapestry of grace!

Briar said...


These words express so well what is on my heart at the moment. Thankyou Sheila for sharing your heart with us.

I have been reading your blog for a while now, and I am always challenged by your writings.
May God bless your life.


Anonymous said...

Hello there Missy du-du!!
Long time no see.

Where is your life taking you?
Where are our lives taking us?

Good questions, endless questions.

One answer is:
round and round and round and round, like the earth, like the moon, like the stars..........

I'm all dizzy! ;>)

Spinny J.

Sheila said...

Isn't it true, though, Spinny J? Everything is circles. I see them everywhere! And I miss you muchly! :-(

Briar, thanks so much, that means a lot to me!

Maya: Thanks!

Mother Dearest: I love you.


Maria said...

Faith works like train tickets... God hands us the ticket just before we get on, never before. Like parents and little kids. So be confident that God will give you your ticket right when you need it-- and it will take you exactly where you need to be. That's the fun of trains-- they take you places and you don't know what your destination is going to be like until you get there.

Returning your ten-thousand sparkling bubble hugs


Anonymous said...

However life is still taking me some where..