Saturday, June 13, 2009


Here I am, feeling waterlogged and very, very tired. I have a voice exam in a couple of hours, and I'm already totally exhausted. Ah well. I figured I might as well pop by to say Hi. :-) I taught a bunch of swimming this morning, which was fun, but unexpected--I thought I was guarding all morning. Ah well. It's fun to see kids having fun.

Life is a bit confusing right now. Some moments it feels as though it's spinning out of control, especially emotionally, and other moments I just feel like everything is always perfect. Which, of course, it is sometimes, but not always. I have weird, chopped up days that end up not being very productive, and everything is a little imbalanced somehow. But all is well. I'm happy.

I hope I can sing today, my voice is so tired from yelling across the I need to rest.

Take care,


Idzie said...

Good luck on the voice exam! :-)

Mariah said...

That second paragraph describes me exactly! I hope your voice exam went well! :D