Friday, June 12, 2009

Digital text... Rethinking Ourselves?

This is amazing. I feel... 'proud' (?) to be a part of this.



Idzie said...

Wow, really nice video!

Sheila said...

Isn't it incredible? It's by some professor from Kansas or something.

Meisie said...

Sadly I cannot see the video...:-(
Will be thinking of you and that voice exam!!

Marianne said...

Fascinating! Makes me feel empowered and yes..... a little proud to be part of it! Will be thinking of you this afternoon - just KNOW that you will sing beautifully!
Marianne x

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I wonder if it's even worth it... I could survive just fine without seeing another computer for the rest of my life... and yet I devote so much time to this little laptop on my desk... other than online studies, why do I even have a laptop?

I have a feeling you agree with me. ^_^