Monday, June 15, 2009

Standing in the Sunshine, Singing in the Rain

Short posts here lately, but I want to keep this blog busy while my life is spinning out of control. (spinning wonderfully out of control, I might add!)

Everything is beautiful. We've had a month of straight sunshine, and finally, a day of clouds with the hope of maybe a little rain, which this part of the earth really, really needs right now. It's like a picture of our souls, enjoying the sunshine so much that sometimes we forget that we need rain in our lives to survive. I'm happy in the sunshine, but when the rain comes, we can sing! And that is the challenge for all of us; to sing in the rain. So here we live, in this place of amazing spiritual beauty, how easy it is to live without the rain, and deprive ourselves of life!

Now go! Find some rain! Enjoy it! Revel in in it, and don't worry if it hurts a little bit, because you can SING! And that is the ultimate joy.

Singing in the rain,


Mariah said...

Very true, out pastor just taught this in Sunday school yesterday. Maybe that means I'm supposed to learn something from it. :)

Anonymous said...

Hello o' wise one.
You *are* becoming wise!
J. :>)

Idzie said...

So true.
And I do love singing in the rain! :-)