Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Hey! Nope, no great post about stereotypes here, just a few amusing anecdotes from life. :-)

So I've been teaching a lot of swimming classes, and the kids are great. It's a lot of fun, if challenging, and I really enjoy it. Teaching is so worth it in so many ways! With that said, sometimes they amuse me, so here are some tiny-swimmer-isms for you!

Age 5: (as he gets in the water) *big eyes* "My ears are on fire!!!"

Age 5: (I had just told them they couldn't go over the black line [so they would stay put!] because it was made of lava and would burn them... boys. :-P ) "I can touch the lava because I'm in a BUBBLE!"

Age 4: (I had just asked them to float like their favourite animal) "I'm a chipmunk!!!" *beady eyes and bulging cheeks)

Age 8: (As I randomly hum "You Belong With Me") "Hey! I know that song!" "Taylor Swift." "I know!!!" (Seriously, how do these kids notice this stuff, I only hummed a few notes?!)

Age 4: (After just doing a lot of hard swimming and diving and such [Note: Fun day is our last day where we just play games, go on the rope swing and jump off the diving board.]) "Hey Mom! Today was like fun day!!"

Age 4: "Why do you have so many holes in your ears?" (haha!)

Age 5: "Let go, let go, I can do it!" *proceeds to begin to drown* "Noo! Don't let go! Why did you let go? Don't ever let go! Nooo!!"

Age 10: (When doing simulations for how to call 911) "I need the ambulance, I'm in the Himalayas and someone just fell down and hit their head."

Age 9: (Same 911 simulation) "I'm at the pool and I need the ambulance, someone just ate pickle juice!" *prompting from me that it needs to be an injury* "... and then they fell down backwards and hit their head!"

Age 5: "Mummy..." *big eyes* "I mean Sheila!" (and she did it twice, on two different days. Aww!)

And then of course there are the kids that are just generally adorable, or the ones that hold onto me like I'm the centre of the universe. Or the place where you get to play counselor for a second while a 10-year-old girl comes up to you looking really sad and concerned and says "Do you like this swimsuit? It makes my hips look big." And of course where has she heard that? So sad. No honey, your swimsuit, and your whole body, are just lovely, don't you ever worry about that! There are the girls who have long hair that always gets in their eyes and I take out my own pony and pull their hair back and they look at me like such darlings, and the little ones who always ask me to fix their goggles as they are too big or too small or have gone askew.

It's like any teaching, really. I had one little 7-year-old piano student crawl into my lap, crying about something that had happened at home, and I just held her for a minute and wiped the tears away from her sweet, little eyes. Or just the joy in making some seemingly unimportant little flute piece feel important and grand by giving it a story and emotion and seeing the kids smile and bring it back the next week with all the grandeur of a Mozart concerto.

Sometimes I don't feel like teaching. Sometimes I slog through it, or nip unkindly at the kids. But they are so forgiving, and at the end of the day, they bring me such joy, not only in what they accomplish, but in the little 'isms' that I see that seem so trivial to some, but in the moment, make my world go 'round.

Hugs and bubbles,


Anonymous said...

Wow. Your tales make my day!!
(sniff)... so sweet so cute!



Meisie said...

What a wonderful post!!! LOVE this!!!Thanks so much for tking the time to share this...and may you be a blessing to the kids!

Sadie said...

Awww! Little kids are so sweet:)

"I'm in the room, it's a typical Tuesday night, I'm listenin' to the kind of music she doesn't like.....she'll never know your story like I do...." I love that song!

Mariah said...

Awww, those are all super cute! :D Sounds like a lot of fun, and hard work! :)

Anna Naomi said...

Children are so cute! Thanks for sharing some of their funny isms. =) Teaching is a joy and a reward - hard sometimes, but ultimately so worth it! Especially with little children, you just never know what will pop out of their mouth at the most random times!

Maria said...

So jealous. But God's given you a wonderful opportunity to touch their lives... don't let it go unfulfilled. :D