Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Short Summary of my Life at the Moment

So here I am again. I know I'm a lazy blogger these days, but it's just life and it's craziness. I tried to keep going all summer, but there's something about everyone else doing nothing that makes that hard. So I'm continuing with the stuff I continued with, but I'm 'back at it' in a way, working harder, and feeling like I'm into it now. So, now it's the great race to my Grade 10 RCM piano exam in January. I'll be ready, but there's lots to do! And music history... eek! Not sure if that's actually going to be ready for December, but we're trying!!! Choir started last night, and, as always, it is absolutely amazing and fabulous. I do seriously belong to the best choir ever. And we all know it. :-)

Back to work as well, starting this afternoon, and it looks as though I have a lesson set, which means I get to teach kids to swim every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon for the next 4 weeks. Yay! and Eek! at the same time! I just hope I get good classes, then I'll be happy. Oh! And I started voice lessons back up yesterday as well. :-) And, sadly, I'm down to one piano student from 5 flute and piano kids! But it's alright. All is well.

On Saturday a bunch of us from work went to a fabulous giant obstacle course way up high through the trees, which was lots of fun, though I was a bit lonely. It was my 3rd time going, so I had fun challenging myself. We had an inservice at work on Sunday, and they actually brought someone in from the Lifesaving Society (Canada!) to work with us. So lots of fitness swimming, learning about guarding with an aid, (The LS BC/Yukon branch is the only one that doesn't do that. I think guarding with and without an aid are important, depending on the situation), and did a lot of emergency simulations. It was actually a lot more fun than I expected, so that was good. :-)

And there's my short summary of life at the moment.



Elizabeth J. said...

Hello Sheila, I'm fairly certain that this is my first visit to your blogspot, forgive me if I'm mistaken. I arrived here from a link on Maggie's profile. If you'd like, feel free o drop by my blogs, Footprints in the Sand is my main blog. Thanks for taking a moment to read this comment.=)

Maria said...

Never mind that you're a lazy blogger; I'm a lazy reader so it evens it out. I even forgot the address to your blog and ended up at some French site. At least, I think it was French.

I totally know how you feel. My life is crazy right now too. I'm currently trying to balance tons of hard homework, work, violin, church, 4-H, friends, college applications, and scholarship competitions. Err.. yay?

I also know what you mean about sitting on the threshold. On the one hand, I'm tired of living in a greenhouse and want to get out and see the world. At the same time, the responsibility frightens me.

Anyway, know that I'm praying for you, my dear crazy friend.