Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Blogroll #1: Katrina!

So I've found a whole bunch of fabulous blogs, and I think you all deserve to know about them!  I'm going to showcase one blog every once in a while, until my entire blogroll has been gone through.  And who knows?  Maybe by then I'll know about your blog!  Feel free to comment and tell me all about that special place on our beloved interwebs that you call your own and scribble your own craziness (or not-so-craziness!) on.  I'm going to go through them in no particular order except that which makes sense in my own crazy little head.  Now, on to our first blog!

Living for Jesus
I found Katrina's blog through the YLCF day in the life carnival, and in fact, she was the arbitrary winner, but I've been really enjoying going back through her blog and reading about her walk with God, and her work at her local Christian pregnancy centre.  She has encouraged me many times over the past weeks, with her kind words and thougtful takes on life.  Her sister was also recently married, and it's been fun following that story.  I hope you'll check her fabulous blog out and consider adding it to your own blogroll.  :-)


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