Sunday, November 15, 2009

It is You!

"Lord Jesus it is You!  Come make your habitation here, abide in my heart, and I'll abide in you!" - Janet Northcut Huse, recorded by Linda Metz

I've always found solace in those words.  I remember when I was about eleven or so, listening to this song and just weeping before the Lord, asking Him to use me as His instrument.  What is it about such gentleness and simplicity that speaks volumes?

I am learning that God's sovereignty makes life much easier to endure, for I can trust Him in His good and perfect plan.  Of course that doesn't always mean that it will always be easy to live out and through the things He places before me, but it takes such pressure off, not feeling as though I must run my own life!  I wasn't very good at it, and I messed it up a lot.  God is a much better captain!

And now, randomly eclectic from the above topics, and so not, because God has a plan and He can use us to further His kingdom.  Watch some of the videos from for a real wake-up call about crimes being commited right under our noses!  Abortion is legal, it is not a crime in the political sense of the word, though it very much is in God's eyes, but some of the things the clinics are doing are actually illegal, and nowadays if something is actually illegal, it must be pretty gruesome.  That or completely right and true.  Funny how those things work.  The irony of a sinful world, hey?  They are covering up illegal sex crimes, and the world needs to know.  This girl has been going into Planned Parenthood clinics accross the USA and finding some disturbing things are happening there other than the fact of abortion.  Here is one of their videos:

And so I leave you to ponder all these things in your heart.


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Lorraine said...

John chapter 15 all over! Yeah, I love this topic of abiding - what peace and rest. Keep doing it, and praying for the grace to do it more.

Yeah, I watched some of the vids - horrific - so sad - we must pray more about this travesty of "choice" BTW, I guess the baby doesn't get any choices huh!?