Sunday, November 8, 2009

Life, Church, Visits, etc.!

This is one of those posts begin with no clue where it's going, but I feel this strange sense of excitement, wonder, peace, joy, and anxiety all pent up inside.  It's rather an impressive feeling, all swirling around inside me like a galaxy on vacation, and I can never quite guess where it's going next.  Isn't it funny that the days you wish to pass quickly, drag their heels, leaving frustration in their wake, and the days you long for that should stretch on and meander by gently, seem to speed by, leaving you in bed wondering where it has gone and wishing it was just a bit longer?  That's today.

Church this morning was really fantastic.  Today was dedicated to the persecuted church and the pastor and one of the elders gave a fantastic presentaion about those imprisoned for their faith and even had a model of a cell that is used for solitary confinement which was 1 meter by 1.5 meters, I believe, so that he couldn't even stand up inside, and normally it would be completely dark inside and they would be fed a diet of bread and water if they were lucky.  The elder who went inside the cell to show us, really acted the part amazingly and prayed the most amazing prayer I have heard in a really long time.  One of the things he said was "Lord, you know how much I would love to stretch and see the sunlight, for here there isn't even room to stand, but Lord, there is such wonderful room to kneel, and here I am at your feet."  That line right there really stood out to me.  How much these people endure, all in the name of Christ Jesus because they will not renounce their faith.  What a lesson we have to learn here!

Then we came home and munched on leftovers for lunch.  Mmmm.  Around 2:30, and old friend of my Dad's and her friend/boyfriend/lovely gentleman friend (What do I call him?) came for a visit.  He lives nearby, and she was visiting from the mainland.  Lou has known my Dad for absolute eons, and it's always nice to see the little memories they share and so on.  What a fantastic example, especially to me, of how opposite genders really can enjoy friendship without 'stuff' interfering.  I appreciate it a lot, and at the same time, I've gained an Auntie, and it's come to the point where I really miss her!

Then I went through old letters and photos and craziness, and now I'm sitting here writing this post and looking at facebook and thinking I should work on my book study for Bible School...  hmm.  Alrighty!

Hugs all around,


Mariah said...

Ah, don't you love days like that? :) I wish I could share some of those with you! Hugs!

Anonymous said...

Such a lovely post! I enjoyed the little peek into your day very much!

My dad also gave a short presentation at our church yesterday morning about those being persecuted for their faith!

Lorraine said...

I love the way you see things. Hugs !!!

Sheila said...

Maya: Me too. :-( Love you girlie. You should get married or something so I have an excuse to come down. ;-)

Bryant: Thanks! Oh that's awesome!

Mama: *hugs*

Mariah said...

Funny you should say that Sheila.....funny you should say that.... :) Hey, and you don't need an excuse, you're welcome anytime! But hey, you never know when that "excuse" will come up. ;)
Love you!