Monday, December 7, 2009

4 Things!

I have been having trouble actually sitting down and writing a blog post due to fastly moving thoughts and life.  (yes I know that's not a word)  So, I decided to record a vlog!  Just for fun.  :-)  Anyway, here it is, I hope you enjoy.  My apologies for the yucky sound and lighting.  My sound and lighting crew (me) is working 24/7 to get it fixed. (not really)  Have fun, and try not to be quite as insane as I seem in this video!  :-D



Lorraine said...

That's my girl!! Love the 4 things, and you are cute! Yes, and Mitford is terrific!

Mariah said...

Awww, it was so nice to get to see that. But it makes me miss you even more! Loved the 4 things! I'll be praying for you!
Love and hugs,