Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Bible School, etc.

I promise the next post will be a text post! :-)



Charlotte said...

If you remember that you carry your home with you wherever you go, that your home resides in your heart, you will never feel amiss. Sometimes certain teas or sentimental things can help remind you what home is, but in essence what these things are doing is allowing your heart to glow and know that it is safe: home. So if you ever feel homesick, just remember that everything is OK, because your heart is your home - your heart carries your past, your present, your future, your love for your family and the planet, and with it you are completely whole. You are home.

When I moved away I had a hard time with this - I went to a performing arts school which was intensive and sort of soul-crushing. On top of this I had to move around 6 times in one year due to manic landladies, floods, mould, among other things. The image of keeping my home in my pocket was a comforting one, although I personally couldn't grasp at that image as often as I needed. At school I was being paraded in front of mirrors and critiqued from all angles. When I left home initially I was very excited - but I think I had too many expectations. I should have gone with the flow, then I would have been less disappointed. Nothing is ever as we dream it to be.

My advice to you: stay in the moment, enjoy each moment fully for what it is, and keep your home (your spirit, everything that is you) in your heart - a safe place you can always access.

With tonnes of love,


Sheila said...

Charlotte! Thank you so much, you're wonderfully sweet. :-)

Mariah said...

Well, I've never really 'lived' away from home...yet. The first time I ever spent more than a week away was when I visited you. And I wasn't homesick at all, probably because I was a lot younger and had so much fun. But, as you know, I am getting ready to move out before long and it can be kind of scary.

I know what mean about feeling excited, then all the sudden it hits you what you are about to do and it can almost be a little overwhelming. So, I can't really answer those questions yet but I will be going through that same thing soon.

I hope you are having a great Christmas and don't worry about March. As you said, whatever God wants, I totally understand that. :D

Love you millions!