Sunday, December 13, 2009


I will write a longer and more picture-riddled post later, but I decided just to pop by and say that I really do have fingers, and I really still can type. :-)  It's the third Sunday of Advent which is more than hard to believe.  I'm enjoying the Christmas season so very much, it's such a blessing to be here with my family, celebrating Jesus coming to earth as a baby.  It's mind boggling.  Do me a favour today, and really think about the absolute immensity of the fact that God became a baby so that we could be saved from eternal damnation that is inevitable for us as sinners and people who do things that are wrong.

God is good.

Elohim, mighty, and powerful, with such triplicity,

Jehovah, Holy God,

El Shaddai, strong and above all,

Emmanuel, God with us,

Adonai, my Master,

Praise be!


Lorraine said...

Praise be indeed - love your focus! Hugs

Feriland said...

New Blog? i did not know the other D=
Well, always is good a new begining, furthermore is really close the new year!! so the ocation is perfect =D
The post about the true meaning of xmas, and the fact that you know it and xpres it is great, I just can say congrats!!
I admire your faith, in the future thats smething that will make you strong and will help you to rise if you fall.
Well, I let you an invitation to my blog. It have a little of everything, but principaly a lot of music. I want to post a concert of the eminence orchestra, do you know it??
Well, as you can see my english is not perfect, thats because i´m from Chile and my mother language is spanish =P
Well, I wish you a veeeeeeeeeery happy xmas with your familly and friends ;D!!!
Have a good day!