Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Christmas was absolutely wonderful!  Plus that, our dogs were cute the whole time!  Funny that, since they always are...  Anyway, here are some fun pictures from the past few days, in no particular order!

We had company over last night for Christmas dinner, and so I grabbed the opportunity to get some nice family pictures to put by my bed at Bible School! 

 My Mum and I always have a ton of fun... notice half of Bunny in the air on the right?

 My Mum making faces at the dog while she shivers with excitement over the fact that she's about to be allowed to rip up old wrapping paper.  Tee hee!

My Mum with a giftie.  :-)

Christmas morning goodies!

Christmas Eve breakfast: Grittibanz!  Usually reserved for December 5th which is 'Sammi Claus Tag' in Switzerland, but this year we changed it up a bit.

Christmas Eve dinner: Beleigtebrotli, a family tradition on Christmas Eve, that in Switzerland is a year-round thing.  We're a bit crazy, we are!

 Me, a present, and a cute puppy dog.  Awww, Bunny!
 My Mum was very clever, and got me boxes of little things I'll need or want at school, such as tape and rubber bands and tea and soup and a mug, and paper clips, and a nail clipper, and Gravol... yeah, it's fun.  :-)

All in all, it was a smashing Christmas.  I love my family, and I love the Lord.  He is so good!

"Give me ears to hear Your Spirit, Give me feet to follow through, Give me hands to touch the hurting, And the faith to follow You"  - 'I Will Go', from Steve Green

Hugs all,



EricaT. said...

I love the pictures! I love your family! I love you! A lot. I wish I hadn't been at work so we could've chatted! We're going to be in Texas Jan 3-10. When are you leaving for Bible school?

I really think you are great.

Sheila said...

I'm leaving on the 5th, but I'll call you before then!