Thursday, December 3, 2009

A Visit to Bible School!

So yesterday morning, my Mum and I made the trek to go and visit the Bible School where I will be from January until May!  It was absolutely beautiful.  I'd seen all the pictures and videos, but when you get there on a crisp, cold, sunshiney December morning, it just makes your heart soar.  At least, it made mine soar!

We got given the grand tour of the property, which is extensive to say the least!  The gym looks like a barn, and there are fields full of cows between all the buildings.  To get from anywhere to anywhere, you have to meander accross long, paved paths, over cute little bridges, and through forests.  The accomodations are fantastic.  There are little cottages, and a lodge, and oh!  I can't wait to find out which spot I'll be staying in!  It's right by the ocean, as you can see, and of course, my favourite places are the forest and the beach, both of which I can enjoy at any given time.

The people were wonderful.  I love being around Christians!  There is an air of love and care and sharing a faith that is deeper than any ocean could ever long to be.  It was work day at the school, and as we walked through, we met crews of students handing out hot chocolate to students who were working hard outside.  They even gave me some, and visited with me briefly, excited that I'd be joining them in January.  We stayed for lunch, and I met a girl from Costa Rica who was so sweet to me, and got invited to someone's birthday in February, as we chatted over lunch.  I believe we'll be dipping apples in caramel?  I met people from India, Germany, North Carolina, Washington, and all around Canada.  They were so good to me.

Finally, we needed to leave, and as we began to walk up the path to the exit, I heard footsteps behind me and my name called out a few times.  I turned around, surprised to see unfamiliar faces smiling at me.  "Hey!  We just heard you're coming in January and wanted to say Hello!  And goodbye, now, I guess, as you're leaving."  Germany and BC represented.  What is it about real Christians?  Oh yes.  The Holy Spirit resides within each of us.  It's so easily noticable when your eyes are open to it.


PS.  Yes, I realize Bible School won't be all roses, but I just wanted to share this positive experience.  :-)


Mariah said...

That sounds so great! It just seems to 'fit' you. :D Should be a wonderful experience. Oh, how are your hands doing?

Sheila said...

Not so great. They hurt a lot right now. Thanks for your concern!

Cowgirl_E said...

yay! That sounds so cool, Sheila! You have every right to be excited! :)