Monday, January 25, 2010

More Bible School-ness!

Hello friends!  I know on the last post it says there should be a picture, and there isn't, and also that post might have been posted twice.  Oops!  I can't access blogger from Bible School since they have wisely limited the internet access to email, travel sites for booking flights that some people need to get home, and banking, and that's about it!  In any case, that's why my blog posting is weird, because I can post to blogger via email, but I haven't worked all the bugs out, and of course, I can't check my blog to see if it worked.  I also tried posting pictures this way before, and it worked fine, but now it won't let me. I'll try again in a few days.  :-)

In other Bible-School-ish news, am working on my study project for Haggai, and enjoying it very much.  It's a lot of work, but it's worth it!!!  Maybe I'll post it on here when I've presented it to my fellow students.  I've made some friends, or at least people I can talk to, and every day has its ups and downs.  God is good though, and through it all, He is teaching me and guiding me in ways I would never have guessed!  He wants my total surrender, and I am so glad, because I was failing miserably at trying to run my own life! 

I went to a new church on Sunday that was absolutely fabulous.  There is someone here who lives about 2 1/2 hours away from that church when he's not at Bible School, and he intends to drive that distance when he goes home, just so he can attend there.  It's absolutely TINY, and the attendance topped at about 30 people and the music wasn't that great, but everything was so sincere!  I didn't feel like I was at a performance, I felt like I was in a meeting, and that I was part of it, and that we were just a bunch of believers in Christ, gathered to praise His name and give Him glory.  That was wonderful!  The message was so humbling as well, and really spirit-lead.  Awesome stuff.

Anyway, supper is in 45 mins, and I need to be out of here in half an hour to get there on time, and I want to finish my study project in that time!

Hugs all,

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Lorraine said...

Hi Hon, just me, sorry - but I have read your posts a couple of times and love to hear - here, or on the phone, all that is going on, from the mundane to the Wow! Miss you lots, of course, and hope when you read this, that you are having a marvelous day in the Lord, and keeping your sweet eyes on Him. Mucho hugses!!! Mum