Sunday, February 14, 2010

A couple pictures and a mini-update!

Hello friends!

I'm just at a little coffee shop and I thought I'd give a short update.  :-)  This past week was our home group study project week, and we all did study projects on various minor prophets and then presented them to our small home groups, and for our party after all our projects were presented, we dressed up 80s-ish and played games.  SO FUN!  Here we are...

And we got to go visit a school and have fun with a bunch of kids, so here is me with a very sweet little girl that I spent the day with.  :-)

Adorable and awesome stuff.  :-)  Last night a few of us girls got invited over to one of the single staff ladies' houses, and we all chatted and watched the newer Pride and Prejudice, and just had a lovely time.  God is amazing to provide all these neat relationships with people around me.  I am so happy.  There are still daily challenges I deal with, yet God is gracious in helping me to work through them. 

Lots of hugs to everyone,

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