Friday, March 26, 2010

Spring Break Bubbles

I realise that perhaps this spring break would have been a great opportunity to blog a lot, but really, I've been rather busy, and at no time in the near future will I have extra time to blog, nor easy access the the internet, so I figure I don't even need to try to build up a readership!  Ah well, life has been blessed and full the past couple weeks.   I have had some amazing growing times, really, and so I'm going to split this post up into categories!  Here goes!

1.) Cool material stuff!  I got my (early) birthday present from my parents!!!  They contributed to buying me...wait for it... a guitar!!!  I've been thinking on it for quite a while, and I think that while I love classical guitar, I'd just like to be able to strum a few chords to play for worship songs or a bit of campfire music.  Should be a blast, I've already got a few chords down, and some Swiss stickers on my guitar case.  What a pro, hey?

Also, I really love thrift stores.  Seriously!  I need some shorts for Texas (uh... have I mentioned Texas yet?  No?  Well... next post?), so I went to the thrift store and picked up a few pairs for UBER cheap, and low and behold, I now have nice, preshrunk, environmentally friendly, cheap, used shorts!  Woohoo!

2.) Cool God stuff!  I've had some amazing things happen with what God has been teaching me lately.  I won't go into everything in detail, but I've been given some absolutely incredible opportunities and experiences with people and so on, and God has really been working.  Incredible stuff.  The amazing thing is I'm feeling a bit like Jeremiah, because I have absolutely no clue if any of this stuff will ever bear fruit, and for most of it, I'll never know, but I know God knows, and all I want to do is be available to be an instrument in Christ's Hands.  :-)

3.) Cool family stuff!  Just had some wonderful chats with my Mum, and I'm feeling really blessed to have someone like her to talk to about relationship with Jesus, life, and whatnot.  God is good.  I also went out for dinner with my Dad tonight, and it was so worth it.  I'm really happy to be getting our relationship back on track.  God is gracious!

4.) Cool friend stuff!  I've had the opportunity to get together with some friends while I've been here!  I've seen my good freind Mary (the one with adorable babies!), several times, and enjoyed great soul-sharing, which has been oh-so-encouraging.  Also, I've visited with a new friend, and we had a blast on the beach, running around in bare feet and building sand castles!  If only I had photos of that day!  We called our sand castle town 'Whistlblue', for no apparent reason.  I love the beach so!  Met up with my good friend Maria via Skype (we're internet buddies, never met IRL), and last weekend my darling friend Mariah (also a friend of Maria's) got MARRIED of all things in Missouri.  Wish I could have been there for your special day, princess!  Friends are wonderful things.  :-D

So, I'll call the writing quits, and add in some pictures.  Hopefully I can do some better E-blogging (minus pictures, I think.  Boo.) while I'm at school and TRY to keep you updated.  I actually took video footage to post on here, but my camera litterally ate it.  It was fine one day, and the next day it was an 'invalid image'.  *sigh*  So... until next time...

God bless you all!
Hugs in ten-thousand sparkling bubbles,

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Lorraine said...

I'm honoured, and life is truly amazing, as are you! Blessed to be a blessing.
Million hugses,