Saturday, March 27, 2010

Woah Life!

Good gracious, life! 

You know those times when nothing really all that interesting is happening but you just have to suddenly stop, tug on the reins a bit, and say "WHOA LIFE!!!"  This past little while has been like that.  I'm in this really weird stage of transition, in life.  Well, the past few years have been like that really, but, yeah.  Now it's just right.  I've been away from home now for a couple months, and now being home, we all keep mixing up the names of where I'm am and where I've been.  Talk of going back to school, becomes 'going home', and yet, it's all mixed up.  I don't mind, really, but it's kind of hitting me like a brick, that while, yes, I'll be home most of next school year, this is only sort of home.  There are other places where I live sometimes, and right now, one of them is Bible School.

Oh yeah, and then there's stuff like income tax forms, insurance, letters, mail to attend to, errands, buying necessary clothes and things...

etc., etc., etc., etc., ETC., ETC.!!!

So yeah.  Oh!  And Texas!  This summer I'm going to be working at a camp in Texas, of all places, as a counselor, for 2 1/2 months.  Crazy stuff.  See, my school is part of Torchbearers (Oh for goodness sake, Sheila; This is my school: ), and Torchbearers has about 26 schools around the world.  His Hill is one of them.  We often have lecturers in from the various schools, and we had the director of His Hill, who spoke at the end of his time there about their summer camp programs.  For their volunteer camp workers, they basically only take people who have attended school at one of the Torchbearers' Centres the year before.  I fit the bill! 

(Whaa?  I edited this pic, but it won't stay edited.  Blarg.)

I really felt the conviction of the Lord that this was what I was supposed to do with my summer, even though I had very different plans, mostly to do with music and earning money, but God saw fit for me to go to Texas.  The flights are booked!  I'm getting excited.  I know the Lord has a lot to teach me through this experience.

Crazy beans.

Totally awesome and mind-blowing stuff, really.  So I am growing/have grown up!  And yet still growing in Christ.  That will never stop, and I'm so glad.  :-)

Hurray for the Joy of the Lord!

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Lorraine said...

Whoopieeeee! Ain't life grand!? Sure is exciting and humbling to see all the ways the Lord is at work in our lives. It's been grand having you home and I will miss you muchly when you go back to school tomorrow, but I know in Whose Hands you truly reside, and I guess when you come right down to it, that is truly where Home is. Loves ya!!