Friday, April 2, 2010

A Day to Contemplate

Hello World,

Today is Good Friday. The weather is wet and cold, and rainy and
gloomy, and I just feel like the world knows that today represents the
day Jesus died. To me, it is mind-boggling to really contemplate
that. Jesus DIED! God incarnate DIED! It's so huge, it's almost
impossible to wrap one's brain around. I wish more peope would just
sit and think about this today, and that is my challenge to you. Do
you see it? Go outside and experience the sovereignty the Lord has
over creation. Feel the wind, watch the water, let the rain run down
your face, admire the sun and its warmth. He is sovereign over
creation. He is sovereign over death. He is sovereign over life!

And that right there is the beauty of Jesus death: He rose again!!!
I intend to write on Sunday as well, but if I don't, I also challenge
you to set aside Sunday as a day to really contemplate the fact that
Jesus is alive! He died for you and me, because that is the penalty
we deserve, and still He rose again and lives today. That is just...
yeah. Mind-boggling.

God is good.

Thank you Jesus!


1 comment:

Lorraine said...

Great stuff to contemplate and believe ANY day of the year! Yeah, good thoughts. Jesus conquers death, He holds all things together, gives us our breath, sends sun and rain and on and on and on. All that have breath: Praise His Name!