Sunday, May 9, 2010

Home again

Hello friends!

I'm home again, though just for a couple short weeks, as I'll be heading to Texas for the summer quite soon.  Regardless, here I am.  :-)


God is totally blowing my mind.  No matter what I do, or where I go, He is evidenced in everything.  Prayers are answered, provision comes, and I look out the window and see sunshine, flowers, and a beautiful breeze.  God is good!

I'm still not sure I totally understand myself, but I'm afraid my days of blogging over the mystery of me, are over.  I am no longer concerned about understanding myself, because I know that God does.  The topic of ME has become uninteresting.  That's a good thing and right and well, I suppose, but it makes me pause and really think as to what to write.  I could write about God's grace and mercy and sovereignty, but I have no words. It is far beyond my scope of understanding. 

Coming home from Bible school has been the most emotionally intense and the most emotionally simple thing I've ever done.  I felt in one way like my heart was being ripped out, so deep was the pain of leaving the people who had become my family.  Yet still, I felt a complete peace, knowing that these people belong to the Body of Christ.  It is such a comfort!  In that way it was simple.  Right now, at home, I'm in a relative lull from ups or downs, but I know that once I hit Texas, it will be very, very challenging, and also, quite likely rewarding, at least inside. 

I know that whatever is ahead, God's plans are perfect.

In Christ,

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