Saturday, July 17, 2010


I have no idea if anyone reads this blog anymore, however I'm going to post just for fun.  Plus a couple Texas pictures for 'y'all'.  ;-)

Working at the Tower!  This is belaying, and it's pretty amazing.

Apple eating during staff training!

So yes, work here at His Hill is challenging to say the least, but God has blessed me enormously with His love and generosity in the form of the fact that I am still surviving and that I still love Him, and that I actually have friends I can look at for once in... eons, I don't know.  Not going to post much, I'm with people and enjoying their company.

Hugs and love in Christ!


Marianne said...

Good to see your smiley apple-eating face and glad that all is still going well for you!

Lorraine said...

I still read it!! :-) Nice pics - did you see the chocolate pudding one on FB? Haha, love that. Ooooo, we miss you, and are now getting excited about you coming home in three weeks!!! Looking forward to your phone call tomorrow, and keeping you wrapped up in our love and prayers each day! God is indeed, Good! Hugs, Mum