Sunday, August 15, 2010


Hello again,

I'm here, in Canada once again, in the house I've lived in for many years, but I've decided it's home in name only.  There are too many earthly places I could call home.  My home is in Jesus, for it is the only place I will never have to leave, and it is only there I will never be lonely or missing anything.  Right now, my heart hurts.  For the first time since I returned back to this place 24 hours ago, I really miss Texas.  I really miss the blessings the LORD gave me while I was there.  I miss my friends.  Continually I am in awe of what the LORD is doing right now, in this moment, whatever moment that might be.  He is so sovereign and it is such a comfort.

I was thinking about how to sum up my summer, and I honestly don't know.  Right now I'm riding the emotions of it all pretty strongly.  It's hard to even find words.  One week ago today I was going out to dinner with all the summer staff, and watching friends run around like little kids in a candy shop.  The end of the summer was so crazy!  :-)  And then we went on the bus on the way home, (I keep using that word, and of different places... this one means back to camp) and the light was beautiful, and the fields were beautiful, and it was all just... beautiful.

Honestly, I have no words.  So I'll quote some of my own from my journal from July 13, 2010

"His Hill, TX: It's been absolutely forever since I've written, but I've wanted to for a while.  God has been so good to me here, and has taught me so much, it's insane.  He is working in me for humility, submission, surrender, patience, servanthood, and so much more.  Believe me, camp has been one of the most difficult things I've ver done, and in fact, I'm totally incapable of doing any of it, but the LORD is, as evidenced by the fact that it's high school week already and I've been here 7 1/2 weeks.  god is so faithful through all of these crazy daily challenges and struggles.  I have no right to be happy right to be happy right now, but I am.  There have been plenty of not-so-happy moments, but without hard times I would never learn to rely on the LORD.  And now, I have been through friendlessness, horrible campers who hated me, wonderful campers who were still very challenging, tensions, hurts, fears, crying, various struggles with people, battles with Jesus for control of my life, worries, frustrations, utter exhaustion, and a host of other things.  On the joyful side; ice cream, late nights, learning tower, new friends, new hugs, sweet appreciation from campers, music, songs, new joy in the LORD, excitmement to spend time in the Word, and lots and lots and lots of oreos.  god is so good, and I want to write more, but it's 1am, and my high school campers and myself must sleep.  Love in Christ, Sheila"

And that's all I'll write for now.  More to some soon.

Love in Christ,


jen said...

Glad to know you're safe and strong and in the forest of much moss and lichen again! J.

Marianne said...

Hey Sheila! Glad you're 'home' safe and sound! So ............... what's the next chapter in the Life of Sheila going to be? Catch up soon hopefully - tea in QF?