Saturday, September 4, 2010

His Great Grandeur Shown

7:16am, I'm out of bed. Washed my face, and pulled on my running clothes, found my Bible, and had a wonderful time reading Romans, praying, and writing about what God is doing in my life.  It is so refreshing to spend time with the Lord!  Finally, I pulled on my runners and slipped out the front door into the cool, crisp, morning, dripping with sunshine and beauty.  I ran.  It felt so good to run.  I felt  like I was shedding something, and running out of some sort of bubble of self-centered belly-button gazing.  I'm glad God made me with two legs.

I ran 7 minutes and 16 seconds.  Into this.  (above)  7m16s to the edge of the island.  7m16s to a tiny glimpse of the perfection that God created this world with.  7m16s to sheer glory.  Honestly, without standing there on those rocks and being able to turn 360* and see nothing but beauty and perfection, you have no idea.  At first I thought there was a jet flying overhead.  After 5 minutes, my jet still sounded loud and near.  Except it wasn't a jet.  It was the ocean.

You can't see it in these photos, because they were taken by me some time ago at a similar morning hour at the same beach, but this morning, the wind made the waves ferocious and the whitecaps great.  The water seemed to reflect the wrath and fury and the gentle peace of our great Creator God.  The analogy was amazing.

I ran home, in awe.  Right now, my future is blurry.  After this year at Bible school, almost anything could happen.  And so I say, thank you God, for proving your worthiness.  Thank you, Lord, that I can trust you.  Thank you Father, that you are the Lord of perfection.

Shortly, my Dad and I are going to visit Cathedral Grove.  I know, once again, I will be fascinated by God's great grandeur.  His forests are amazing too.

In Christ,

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Lorraine said...

I love your posts and the reflection of your sense of awe at our great and mighty God! It's great to dwell in a place of surrender - enjoy, and watch Him work! :-D