Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Many words that begin with 'B' and other interesting things...

Finally, a post just about my life.  :-)  About time, hey?

Frankly, after reading so many blogs by Mommies with babies and people writing books and pastors in cities with similar weather to here, I have to think for a moment what it means to be living my life, and what I should say about it.  I mean really, we get so used to our own lives that I think we don't often really think about what's going on.  At least, that's how it can get for me.

Here at my house, there has been a lot of baking, a lot of biology, a lot of books about bellies and birth and babies and much boiled water for hot water bottles. (and many other things that begin with b that are slightly less exciting, like brains and blankets and bananas.  I'm sure I could think of more! :-P )  It's cold!  The hot water bottle has been especially comforting!  In the past few days we've gotten a good 6 inches of snow, which is a lot for Vancouver Island, especially this early in the winter, and actually I suppose it's still fall.  This has given way to much shoveling and sore backs, but it just makes me all the more grateful to the Lord that He has given us just a short time on this earth.  Also a good reminder to be praying for and actively witnessing to the lost. (!!!)

I could yak about Biology, as it takes up most of my days, but honestly, I spend so much time thinking about cells and diffusion and osmosis and endoplasmic reticulum and osmotic pressure and eukaryotes vs. prokaryotes and seeing lots of words that Microsoft Word thinks aren't real words, that I'd rather not expend myself too much with telling you all about it.  Many of you have done high school Biology, I'm sure.  Biology 12.  That's all I need say.  :-D

Also, my Mum and I have been doing a bit more research on what Compassion International (and Canada) is doing, and I must say, I'm really impressed, and humbled.  We've sponsored children through Compassion for years now, but I never really saw the scope of it all.  As we as a family try to scale down our spending, we're hoping to be able to sponsor a little girl as well as the little boy we sponsor, and are rather excited about the opportunity.  It's really special.  This is something that is literally releasing children from poverty in Jesus' name!  Amazing stuff.

So, with that, I'll head back to my biological world and hope to see you all soon,
Lots of love and hugs,


Maria said...

Do you realize Libera has a new album out?

It made me think of you, dear.

I just sponsored a Compassion child this fall. Her name is Shescarlyn. :D

I love you bunches and miss you.

Sorry about a couple weeks ago. I got back later than I expected and by then you were gone. But we do need to talk sometime.


Sheila said...

Awesome to hear bout your Compassion child! :-D And good to hear from you too.

*hugs* Yes, we need to chat.

Love you,