Monday, November 15, 2010

That Flinger of the Stars!

Today my message is simple.  If you are a follower of Jesus Christ, and you have chosen to surrender to Him, and follow this which seems so totally unconventional to humanity, the Creator of the universe dwells in the tabernacle of your heart.

Doesn't that just blow your mind?  I know it seems crazy, but those hands that gently placed each star in their perfect, rapturous, rumbling glory work in your heart, molding it each day to be more like His.  Those eyes that looked into nothing and said "Let there be light!" and saw it, they see you, in your nothingness, and long to make light out of you.  The feet that walked Israel, and then were bloodied for your sins, they stand in your life, solidly, walking alongside you.  His arms, so strong, that wrought fantastic carpentry, and also moved to show the first man out of His exquisite masterpiece of a garden, they hold you closely, tightly, gently.

Are you not taken aback?  For me, it makes me almost want to cry, for the number of times, just today, that I have been impatient, or unwilling to listen, stubborn to learn, to grow, to accept His peace, or say the words I was supposed to.  If those hands, those feet, those eyes and arms are at work in my life, who am I to turn away, shoving His omnipotence into the darkest corner of my life?  I am no one.

Yet I am someone, because I have been chosen as His heir.  I am His son.  I am His masterpiece, even though I have broken my own glass, my own frame, and chosen to jump off the nail He so carefully hung me from, crashing my being into the hard, damp floor.  But His glue mends all things, and makes me clean and new again.  His life makes all things new again.  His life can make you new again, if you aren't yet, too.  And if you are, He wants to remind you of that.

That Creator of the universe, that Flinger of the stars, that Rocker of the cradle.

He loves you.


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Lorraine said...

God made you awesome - I love you!
MW ;-)