Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas... the Birth of a King

The Christmas season... what can I say?  It's here again!  How did that happen?  This year has been one of beautiful growth, and wretched stretching and being broken down, again and again, to see my small-ness.   As I study Biology, and read books on birth, learning my role as a doula, and looking ahead to my role as a midwife, I see the beauty of Jesus birth.  

I've heard it said that birth is traumatic.  It can be, but it's not supposed to be, for Mum or the baby, and as I think of Jesus birth, in a quiet stable, surrounded by the creation He so lovingly created, I think of the greatness of His wisdom, to choose to come into the world as a human in such a non-invasive way.  Certainly, as the above picture depicts, Mary was helped by a caring midwife and her servant, as was the practice in that day, and the small Jesus child was cleaned and cared for by these learned women in conjunction with His new, and very tired mother. 

It must have been a quiet birth.  Young Mary, tired from her journey, resting between the contractions, gentle Joseph, in wonder at what was taking place, knowing this was God's child being born.  How perfect, and how marvelous!

Have you ever held a newborn baby?  Their skin is soft and damp, their eyes, alert, yet drooping, as they slip into sleep.  Their dependency is unprecedented.  God became that for us.  He came into this world beautifully, yet in a form that left Him helpless, but His Father knew all that.  His Father had a plan.  His Father had a plan for our salvation, and His Father has a plan... for you.


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