Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Babies and Neurons

My world is full of babies and neurons.  And Jesus.  Always Jesus.  :-)

Biology is fascinating, from amino acids, to neurons, to small intestines, and yes, umbilical cords.  It's the fetal side of the placenta, so-to-speak, that keep me going.  While biology in all it's wonder, really is fascinating, I would collapse from mental exhaustion if it wasn't for the knowledge that bringing healthy babies to glowing mothers is part of the end goal.  And, of course, to see things like the the one in the picture above, growing where they are supposed to, until they come out, wiggling and pink.  
Tell me, do these things excite YOU?


1 comment:

Maria said...

Of course!! There are very few things more exciting, among them the saving of souls and the returning of Christ.