Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Freewrite #1 - "About Sheila"

Note:  I'm taking an English course, and they encourage me to freewrite as a pre-writing strategy.  I think I'm going to put (most of) my freewrites on here, just because I find them interesting, and you might too.  :-)  Don't worry, other things coming soon.

This is a freewrite, in which I let my mind go a little bit, and let the circles and waves and continuous lines of eternity spin through my head.  I know that my mind is there, but I'm just letting it fly by the wayside a little bit right now.  I need to talk about myself, and yet this is freewriting, how do I freewrite about a topic?  I am unsure of this, and yet I realize I should not be unsure, this is about certainty, about relaxing, about waves and triangles and circles... or is it about triangles?  Perhaps they are too pointy.  SO I write about me, about music, about birth... I almost wrote a 'b' first, does that mean birth really comes first in my thoughts, but that I feel I should put music first still?  So much has happened this past year, and I want to introduce it all.  I know that, my life would not be the same if it were not for the influence, no the prominence... no, the preeminence of my great God, and that is something huge about me.  I also know that my life would be different indeed if not for the beauty of babies and birth, and those marvelous round bellies that babies come from.  Is that where babies come from?  Or are they simply gifts from the hand of God?  I don't know... I don't know anything, but God knows.  I want to not stop writing, but there is this thing inside me that tries to stop, to fix mistakes, to think through things, and yet I'm trying not to think, just to flow, just to write, just to write freely.  Is this achievable in this day and age?  Where everyone whirs with business and conglomerations of things  so often that I cannot breathe nor hear my own thoughts for all the hubbub?  I suppose that means I am a girl of the air, a floating girl, not tied to what the world around me thingks.  I consider myself free-spirited, like this writing, and yet bound by the ordinances of God.  Is that possible?  I think so.  I think, I think... I don't want to think.  I want to be.   What is interrubption?  Is it something I should be agitated about?  Or not?  I find also, that my personality conveys this feeling of agitation sometimes.  I don't know.  But I know this... grass is beautiful, and so are bare feet, and wind, and rain, and sunshine.  God is good.


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Maria said...

You are awesome. ^_^