Friday, January 21, 2011

The weeks fly by

Yes, they do, and here we are celebrating the 15 day mark since the last post on this blog.  I'm not sure what that is supposed to mean exactly, except that I've been studying hard and trying to figure out how to work this whole university-at-home thing.  :-)

God has been so faithful to me.  As Compassion (Compassion USA) advocates, my Mum and I put on our first small presentation this past Monday, with the wonderful result of at least 4 children sponsored in the Dominican Republic.  What a blessing!  God is good. 

Because I'm so busy, this blog is mostly dead.  Also, because I'm never exactly sure what to post.  I suppose that's the unfortunate way with un-themed, personal blogs.

Feel free to follow me on Twitter:  InChristsHands  if you for some odd reason miss my postings.  (Not that they have been particularly frequent any time in the past year.  ;-)

God bless,

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