Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Just a Little Life

No... you tell me!

Hey all!  I really do want to write the next post in my natural birth series.  I'm itching to write it, but I also don't want to force it, and right now, life is crazy.  I mean, it's a good kind of crazy, because there is lots and lots happening, and I am super busy trying to finish these university courses in 4 weeks from now, it just means that the time to just sit down and let my birthing mind go is fairly limited.  So it's on the back burner.

What's new?  Oh goodness.  Well.  A lot.  But let me just let you think on that.  :-)

In the next month I have exactly TWO births coming up, both home births, which is terribly exciting and wonderful and an incredible blessing, and I also have 3 final exams and a big midterm, and I have appointments and people to fellowship with and letters to write and phone calls to have and walks to go on and Scripture to read and so much LIFE to live!  It's busy and exhausting.  I just can't wait for May when I can read my Bible more, spend more concerted time in prayer, make more music, and diddle around with Anatomy and Physiology (it's a 6-credit course I still have a few months on).  It's going to be be a good summer.

Plus baking and cooking and cleaning and organizing and lying in the grass and dreaming.  I like that too.

So that's my life right now.  No flashy anything, no great words of wisdom, just Sheila, working her butt off to try and get a life.  :-)

Rest in the Peace of God,
He is so good.


Elina Russell said...

OOoooooh!!! Looks like you had a fun date!

Sheila said...

Haha, yes, that was a while ago!

Lorraine said...

I KNOW I'm not alone when I say I love that pic ;-) Life is good - God is Great! Thank you Jesus!