Tuesday, March 1, 2011

One Month Recap!

Looks like it was a one-month hiatus.  :-)

The plan is to post bi-weekly, and if it turns out to be more, fantastic.  I just feel like I should get some of my tiny thoughts out there.  You know, the ones that aren't quite right for Raised from the Dust, and the ones that need to be shared and can't just be put in my journal.  Who knows what God will do!  I have a few mini-post ideas, so I'll just start there.

I must say one thing... a lot has happened in the past month.  As far as I can see, all good, God-glorifying things, but plenty, and surprising at that!  I feel that God has a beautiful sense of humour, and is simply working in my heart and mind and life, daily moulding me into His likeness, even if I do kick and scream about it sometimes.

1.) I took the first two midterms of my life last week!

2.) I now know the names of most of the bones of the body and many of their condyles, fissures, foramen, etc.  Somehow this makes me happy enough to put it in my 'things that happened this month' list.  I can't wait for muscles!

3.) My friend Mariah and her husband Tyler had their first baby!

4.) I got and lost 2 doula clients... sad day.  Fortunately not my fault.

5.) I have a lot of thoughts about the future.  They... are thoughts.  About the future.

6.) We enjoyed sunshine AND snow... somehow that made the month seem longer, like 2 or 3 seasons.

7.) And...    something else.  That I'm not going to tell you yet.  :-)

God is good, my friends, even in the wildest storms.


Sarah said...

Hey there Sheila!
Nice to hear from you again.
How did your midterms go?

Sheila said...

They went well, thanks for asking! Wait... which Sarah is this? :-)

Maria said...

I must say that I love the new blog look. And I love hearing anything you have to say. Especially when it's happy, because then I know you're alright.

Sarah said...

This is the "blonde hair, violin-playing, lives on Vancouver Island" version of Sarah. :D

Sheila said...

Thought so Sarah, I just suddenly realized that it was *possible* you were another Sarah, and I wanted to check! :-)

Thanks Maria, you are so sweet. *hugs*