Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Today I Was a Child

I'm leaving the house, bundled up, with a fuzzy blue scarf and my big orange sweater, my pants are jammed into my boots, but I'm happy, and my fashion sense doesn't need to be at its best.  The sun was hidden by the clouds a while ago, but the rain has held off.  A smile lights my heart.  Soon I reach a muddy path, marveling in the footprints I leave behind and talking to my Creator.  The two go hand-in-hand somehow. 

There they are: the train tracks!  I like walking the tracks, it makes me feel like I'm going somewhere important, like I'm guided, can never falter, and will never be lead astray.  So akin to my life in Christ.  I'm talking freely now, about my life, about the love and joy and pain and struggles and inexpressible goodness in it: the bounty of the Lord.  I'm praying, offering whatever is in my heart to the Lord and asking for new joy.

Up ahead is what I was looking for, a bridge that is tall and strong, spanning a forest that I can pretend is infinite.  At the middle of the bridge I pause, crawling carefully to the edge and laughing.  Sitting there for a minute, I am overcome by the greatness of Jesus, and so I begin to sing to Him, out over the wide space below and the rushing water flowing in little ripples.  Again, laughter escapes my lips.

Excitedly talking and exploring and creating and imagining, my life continues.  I feel like a little child.  It's a beautiful feeling.



Bonnie said...

Wow I can relate so much to your blog! You seem like a 'kindred spirit' :D I love going outdoors and just feeling God's presence in nature too. You have a talent for writing :)

I'm interested in studying to be a doula, and I love the idea of natural, homebirth! My youngest sister was born at home, and so were many of my friends.

I will be following your blog :)

Sheila said...

Hi there Bonnie! Thank you for your comment! I just peeked at your blog, and it too, is wonderful. :-) So wonderful to hear of like-minded sisters internationally.

In Him,