Monday, April 4, 2011

Feminism vs. Femininity

Myself and Elina, another beautiful woman of God.

So this is sort of a freewrite for an essay I'm doing for uni, except that I think it should be posted here, so it crosses actual freewrite definition, since this has a designated audience.  Regardless!

Here I am, trying to respond, critique, whatever, this essay entitled 'Why am I a Feminist?'.  I'm not, by the way, but hopefully you've seen that by now.  It's just that I've spent so much time recently reading and listening to wise followers of Jesus elaborating on the Godly and Biblical models of womanhood (in relation to the Biblical model for manhood), and it's so amazingly beautiful, that when I read an essay like this one and begin to try to respond, to find quotes and sources to incorporate, that I just can't do it without talking about Biblical womanhood!  I've tried.  I've tried cutting quotes and just using logic, but you can't say "women should submit to their husbands" without saying "the way the church is supposed to submit to Christ.", or "husbands should care for and lead their wives" without saying "the way Jesus leads the church."  The statements are so intertwined, as are the concepts.  I have no way to say what I need to without speaking of my Lord.

In this essay I'm critiquing I've singled out four needs this woman puts forward: 1. a need for life, 2. a need for security, 3. a need to be recognized and cherished, and 4. a need, or rather a hunger, for power.

The first two are natural, feminine needs.  The third is partly right, and that is the need to be cherished, but it was bordering on a very self-serving model, which is why I mentioned recognition as well, and the final one, is sinful nature at its best.  Yes, equity, but in light of Christ's example.  As Mary Kassian said in her recent post:

“Men are to reflect the strength, love and self-sacrifice of Christ. Women are to reflect the character, grace and beauty of the Bride He redeemed. Ultimately, womanhood exists to help display the masterpiece of God.”  
 So this is where we are, ladies: Existing for God's perfect purpose.  How exciting!  How beautiful!  How challenging to our world's ideals.

So how do I respond?  Oh Lord, please help.

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Lorraine said...

It's a high calling for sure! Lord give me grace to reflect the Bride you have purchased! Thanks for the thoughts Sheila!! :-)