Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Joy, Baking, and all-day PJs

 So pretty much all the time, my heart feels like I look in this picture.  Yes, I have exams in 2 short weeks, but that pales in comparison to the grandeur of the Lord's work and my excitement for the future.  Oh my!  Sleep and supper happy joy bubbles, however?  They don't mix well for me.  That is why, at 2am last night I found myself, happy as a clam, making these...

Oh... they are so yummmy, too.  If you'd like the recipe, it's here.  The goo was my creation, it's milk chocolate, cocoa, white chocolate, peanut butter, and butter.  Sprinkles too?  What could be better?

Well, I did go back to bed, and I got some sleep.  Three hours.  Three hours.  So when I got up this morning, I decided it was definitely not going to be a normal day.  It is currently 4:41, and I've done something I absolutely never do.  I've spent the entire day in my PJs.  And even though I keep nodding off as I study, I am in a phenomenally joyful mood!  Praise the Lord!

The baking couldn't stop there, however, because at lunchtime, I got hungry for some good, yummy eats.

 then boiled:

 Then baked!

And I should have taken a picture of them cut open, steamy, smothered in cream cheese, and piled high with peach apricot jam, which, after eating, I washed down with homemade fruit iced tea.  Oh-so-very-yummm.  Bagels, anyone?

And more studying.  And PJs, and time in the Word of God.  Oh!  This IS a happy day!

Love you all,
In His Royal Service,


Lorraine said...

I concur - they are yummy! Praying you have a floating-on-joy-bubbles-sleep tonight, dear one. Hugs, Mum

Sarah said...

Both the cookies and the bagels look delicious!
I hope your upcoming exams go well!