Thursday, April 14, 2011

White and Purple

18.  It's been an incredible year.  Highlights?

  • Capernwray Harbour Bible School, January-May
  • First time living away from home
  • Growing in faith and relationship with my Lord
  • Texas!  His Hill, Summer staff 2010
  • Capernwray again, and home, in the will of God
  • Christmas with my family and cousin from Switzerland
  • Meeting someone very special
  • New friends and fellowship: such a blessing
  • Daily growth in my Saviour
How marvelous.  Looking back on this past year brings with it so many varied emotions.  I feel on the one hand almost sad to leave it behind: So much good has happened, yet I also see the beauty of what the Lord is shaping for the future.  I can't say I understand it, and I'm sure in a year from now I'll be utterly astounded once again, but right now all I can do is be still, quiet my heart before Christ, and say "Thank You, Lord."

I am a synesthete, which for me means that for me, each letter and number and day and moth have colours or a combination of colours and patterns.  1 is white.  8 is a beautiful purple.  I have enjoyed these colours immensely throughout this past year, and now, heading into a year filled with white and that strangely orange-pink colour that 9 is, I choose, consciously, to be enamoured with them too.  In those colours I will serve the Lord.  In those colours I will exist as His instrument.  He is so gracious!

1 1/2 days of white and purple.  Thank you, Lord.  Now to press on in Him!


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Meghan said...

Beautiful picture...and what a year(!) it sounds like our Lord has taken you through. Blessings for the next year, and may God take you through things that exceed your wildest expectations.