Friday, July 22, 2011

Moments... Each from Him

Just a quick one to recap my life the past few days... I'm feeling blessed.

  • Showing my bicycle the light for the first time in a while and biking to a lonely little playground.  Swinging on the swings until my newly adult tummy decided that was no longer a good idea.  Bouncing on the bouncy seesaw and watching the leafy trees blow as I dreamed through my childhood and imagined through my adulthood.
  • Laying awake listening to sermons on the Holiness of God.  Getting up and taking out my bike through some muddy, grassy, tree-y thoroughfares and listening to that sermon again.  Wowed by my Creator.  My life was created to bring Him glory, no matter what.
  • Watching the berry bushes fly past my bike and dreaming of picking them, so juicy and sweet.
  • Choosing ice cream with my Mum and delighting in obeying the Lord.  Sitting by a little fountain in the cool sunshine and licking away the tiny, creamy driplets that run down the cone, talking about life and the glory of God.
  • Moments of surrender as I struggle with selfishness, the peace that comes from knowing His sovereignty then too.
  • Little moments of despair, followed by Jesus' grace to see me through.
  • Teaching swimming once again, and seeing tiny distraught faces turn brighter as they learn and master new skills.
  • Learning patience and denying self, all the while pleading with the Lord as I battle my sin nature.  A beautiful, terrifying thing.
  • A special dinner out with my parents that I anticipated all week long.  Sushi and stir fries and bok choy and peanut sauce.  Reconciliation.  Joy!  
  • Moments of wonder at the edge of the ocean, reveling in the picture He painted.
  • Wondering at the future... what will it hold?
  • Treasuring God's perfect plan, though I know not what it is.
How can I ever doubt Him?  It's been far from an easy week... but this one has been beautiful too.

Seeking Him,

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Lorraine said...

Awed, honoured, blessed. You are a very special young woman! and we serve an awesome God!