Monday, July 18, 2011

A Wildberry Tart Life

Yesterday was a blue day in my soul.  Oh, I've had beautiful moments this past week, filled with joy and dancing, yes, but there is in my soul still some blue.   So after church yesterday I pulled back my hair and went out into the slight warmth of the rare sun of this strange summer, bucket in hand, to pick some wild berries.  Thimble berries and salmon berries, mostly, as you can see above.  It was oddly therapeutic.  My arms got scratched and my fingers very red, but I kept thinking how I was doing the all I could to reach even the most difficult berries, pushing through thorns of all sorts and cutting up my arms terribly, yet how the Lord does that for us.  His arms were much more bloody for me.

Picking berries is rather monotonous, in a beautiful way, and I loved feeling the breeze on my neck and thinking of the future, although that is a topic that scares me at the moment.  Yet I rest in Jesus.  I am His.  He is my strong tower.

I concocted a whole wheat crust, baked it for 10 minutes, and dumped my rinsed berries in.  It feels so good to see the literal fruit of my labour sitting in a pie plate.  I then beat up an egg, a couple tablespoons of honey, and a dash of milk, and poured it over the berries.  A little too much, actually it spilled over the edge of the crust, hence the almost-blackened edges below.

It still tasted magnificent, the sprinkled brown sugar melted all over the top.  Pies and tarts don't always go as planned... yet neither does life.  Mine certainly hasn't, and I doubt any plans I may dream up now will turn out exactly as I expect.  God just doesn't work like that.  He wants us to, moment by moment, rely on Him.  If we know what's coming, it's impossible.

So I remember: I am the Lord's!



Meisie said...

It sure looks yummy....

Love you girl.....hugs

Lorraine said...

It looks yummy and it WAS yummy ;-)

I like what you say about relying on Him moment by moment - that's hard some days isn't it?! Just last night I was having one of 'those' moments too - I don't really LIKE relying on God - I WANT to get 'er done my own way - you'd think I'd have learned after all these years ;-) But, pressing on to what's ahead - I think it's much sunnier than this summer has been, and I am excited to see what God does in your beautiful, young life, and how He glorifies Himself in you. Praying for you my sweet!
Love MW