Monday, August 8, 2011

The Craft Lady

Oh!  Finally I have things to blog about and I have to choose!  Well, God is gracious, and has filled life up with many interesting things lately.  Here are some of the lighter ones.

As of late, I have become "The Craft Lady" at work, when I am helping as a children's leader.  Not quite sure how that one happened, but there it is!  I've greatly been enjoying this designation however!  It frees me up to let my creative juices flow and to see the imaginations of children take flight.  Fantastic stuff.

All my little girls are pretty princesses!

And blue... an earlier and less precise rendition.

Sewed up this from my old jeans.  I'll take a not-so-head-on picture sometime too.  :-)

More to come.  So fun!  :-)

In Him who is the grandest Creator,


Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun, Shiela =)

Anonymous said...

Oh dear! Forgive me for mispelling your name!