Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Disaster for Today

Ah... fresh fruit.  We've had an abundance of it here lately, local, organic, and otherwise, and it's been such a pleasure.  Thank you Lord!  So in honour of that great blessing, we decided to make a peach cobbler for supper.  What a wonderful treat for my family.

Looks beautiful, doesn't it?  I delighted in setting the table, making the tea and coffee, spreading the cheese out delicately, and baking the cobbler to toasty and sugary perfection.  Except that when I tasted the cobbler, I happened upon a few terrible discoveries:

  1. It was still doughy in the middle, despite the clean skewer.
  2. It was over-cooked on top.
  3. I'd accidentally grabbed the baking soda instead of the baking powder.
  4. I'd accidentally grabbed the 1/2 tablespoon instead of the 1/2 teaspoon.

But you know, besides my "Oh my goodness this is gross!" and running to the sink to spit, and my subsequent dealing with my own frustrations and embarrassment, it was a good experience.  First off, I need some terrible kitchen disaster stories to tell my descendants, that's a must, and also... humility.  As well, it's a fabulous metaphor for people.  Too many of us put up a beautiful, crispy, sugary, baked-to-perfection front, when inside, we're triple-baking-soda people.  Are we really living for the Lord, or does it just look like it?

I think I'd rather be like this apple.  A little bruised on the outside, but honest.  But inside, good things are happening: growth of character, heart, and mind.

Thank you, Jesus, for little lessons.


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Amy Lynne said...

I hate it when those kinds of things happen in the kitchen, but at least we learn from it! I hope your next cobbler goes better!